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The official Town of Fairview website is www.fairviewtexas.org

Last Updated:† Saturday, October 14, 2006

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We live in the town of Fairview, Texas in Collin County.†† Fairview is on the east side of US highway 75 situated between the cities of Allen and McKinney.

Much of Fairview is zoned for one and two acre home sites, which gives it a more open feel and allows nature a little room to thrive.

There is a Yahoo Group for resident to resident communication.† Go to the Fairview Residents Forum Group or just enter your e-mail address below to sign up.

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We are the Westbrook Family on Lakewood Drive.† In 2004 we petitioned for a speed hump on our street to slow speeding traffic. Below are the updates and timeline for that process:

Speed Hump Petition Timeline:
6/14/04 - Petition and signatures turned in to Fairview Town Hall
7/6/04 - Town Council approved the speed humps
9/1/04 - Town responded with cost est of $1,200/hump.
10/18/04 - Most money collected.  Funds submitted to town.

Donation Update
Only $925 has been donated including my own $125.
I will cover the $275 shortfall, so if you want to contribute any additional funds make the check to me - Paul Westbrook, 440 Lakewood Dr.

Petition Process
A petition to add speed humps to Lakewood Dr. was circulated in early June after several near accidents were caused by speeding motorists.  Several animals and pets were also hit along Lakewood.

Consistent with the Town of Fairview process an area was defined along Lakewood and a petition circulated.  The town requires 67% of the residents in the affected zone to sign the petition for the humps to be considered.  The total favorable response was 83% (20 of the 24 people contacted).

A copy of the petition provided to the town on 6/14/04 is posted
HERE with responses omitted (though they are public record).

$1,200 goal

$925 donated